AVAILABILITY : In that at any time of the day

PUGNACITY : It takes care of the customer's concerns and discharges it.

EFFECTIVENESS : To achieve the expected and even sometimes unexpected results in a relatively short time.

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Barrister NGANKAM Doctor of Law

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The NGAMKAN law Firm is a Law Firm established in Douala in Cameroon since 1998. It was created and is directed by Barrister Gaston NGAMKAN, former Lawyer at the Court of Appeal of Aix-en-Provence and Doctor in Law (University of Aix-Marseille), and enjoys a solid reputation in the field of maritime law and transport, due to the strong specialization of its aforementioned founder in this sector of activity.

In fact, Barrister Gaston NGAMKAN, happily supported, in July 1993 at the University of Aix-Marseille, a doctoral thesis entitled: "The legal framework of international multimodal freight transport: the example of Cameroon - contribution to the establishment of legislation applicable to Cameroon ".

Similarly, Barrister Gaston NGAMKAN is the author of several studies published in specialized journals, both in Europe (The French Maritime Law, Review of commercial, maritime and air law - Scapel Review, Journal of the Merchant Marine, Gazette des transports , Jurisprudence of the Port of Antwerp) than in Africa (Juridis Periodique).

In addition, the expertise and specialization of the above-mentioned Counsel has enabled him to be selected as an expert in transport legislation, first at UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), and then to CEMAC (Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa). As well, is it one of the main architects of the revised Community Code of Merchant Shipping, a text that, since August 3, 2001, governs the maritime law in CEMAC zone (composed of six (6) states: Cameroon, Central African Republic , Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Chad).

Barrister NGAMKAN was also consulted in March 2000, by the CEMAC Transport and Communications Directorate, regarding the draft of the Community Code of Civil Aviation.

The NGAMKAN firm mainly works for a clientele of P & I Clubs, shipowners, charterers, forwarding agents, handling companies, insurance and reinsurance companies, and even shippers and receivers.

Maritime & Transport Law

The Pratice Areas of the Cabinet covers the following branches of law:

  •  …»   Admiralty (collisions, towing, salvage, shipwrecks, damages to port installations...)
  •  …»   Arrests/attachments (ships, cargoes, bank account...)
  •  …»   Carriage by sea (goods, passengers...) and charterparties
  •  …»   Marine insurance/P & I Clubs
  •  …»   Freight forwarding agency, handling, stevedoring...
  •  …»   Road transport (goods & passengers)
  •  …»   Rail transport (goods & passengers)
  •  …»   Air transport (goods & passengers)
  •  …»   Multimodal transportation
  •  …»   Inland navigation
  •  …»   Uniform Act relating to the carriage of goods by road in OHADA (Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa) / CMR
  •  …»   Transport insurance
  •  …»   Etc.

Law Others

  •  …»   Arbitration and Mediation
  •  …»   Banking
  •  …»   Bankruptcy
  •  …»   Composition with Creditors
  •  …»   Debt recovery & measure of execution
  •  …»   General Commercial law
  •  …»   General Company Law
  •  …»   Insurance
  •  …»   Intellectual Property
  •  …»   International trade
  •  …»   Joint Ventures
  •  …»   Labor and General Employment Law
  •  …»   Securities
  •  …»   Taxation
  •  …»   Telecommunications and Media Technology
  •  …»   Etc.


Composed of three (3) highly qualified employees, NGAMKAN Law Firm owes its reputation and growth to the dynamism, conquering spirit and determination with which are treated the files entrusted to him, his breadcrumb is the triptych next: AVAILABILITY, PUGNACITY and EFFECTIVENESS.

…»   The Cabinet is AVAILABLE, in that at any time of the day, one is sure to find at least one interlocutor to whom to apply usefully.
…»   The PUGNACITY of the Cabinet means that, as soon as it is formed in a case, it takes care of the customer's concerns and discharges it.
…»   As for EFFICIENCY, it is for the Cabinet to achieve the expected and even sometimes unexpected results in a relatively short time.

So you can, confidently, trust the Cabinet NGAMKAN. Because, it is reassuring and offers real guarantees of competence and efficiency.

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